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7 Riser Closed Stringer w/ 60" x 14" x 7" Risers. Stringers are  Imprinted w/ a Brick Pattern
Precast Concrete Wheel Chair Access  Ramp
Rear View - Closed Stringer Steps w/ 48" x 14" x 7" Single Risers
9 Riser Open Stringer Steps Leading to a Custom Single Riser Platform
48" x 14" Single-Riser Steps Placed in Ground
Curved front open stringer to a precast landing.

At a Glance

Our innovative line of open, closed and layered steps make precast concrete steps a convenient and cost-effective alternative to wooden or poured-concrete steps.
Product Background
Monolithic (one-piece) steps were part of our product line until 1993. However, our constrictive molds were not enabling us to meet the needs of our customers.
To solve this problem, we developed a more adjustable mold. We are now able to change the width and run of the steps while keeping a constant rise of seven inches. Larger, wider steps are now possible.
Layering single risers, we can construct many different configurations. For standard steps, layering is most effective when less than three risers are used. If more than three steps are required, we have developed a precast concrete stringer that is more cost effective than using layered risers. The stringer can be steel-trawled or imprinted, depending on the client's needs.
Steppers are a very economical way to install steps on hills or embankments. They can be placed in a variety of configurations and feature step-runs up to twenty-four inches.